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Cerbului Street, no. 5
In CFF railway station aka Gara Mocanitei
Tel: 0040 262 35 35 35
Fax: 0040 262 35 33 63
435700 - Viseu de Sus
Maramures - Romania


What is Ecotours?

Ecotours S.R.L. is a private company founded in 2004, which is active in the area of tourism in Viseu de Sus. As for as the service for customers is concerned Ecotours S.R.L. lays special importance on quality, clear agreements and liability.



Leopold Langtaler


Where is Ecotours?

The office of Ecotours S.R.L. is in the historical station building of the Wassertal (in Romanian "Gara CFF") in the Strada Cerbului No. 5 in Viseu de Sus.

Opening times: From 7-10 and 15-18 o'clock during the summer months, the rest of the year after telephone arrangement.


Bahnhofsgebäude von Ecotours S.R.L.

What does Ecotours offer?

Ecotours S.R.L. is the ideal contact for individual travellers, as well as for group travellers in the region of Viseu De Sus!

The following services are offered:
  • Competent advice and information about the region and its offers in English, German, French and Romanian.
  • Mediation and reservation of guest-rooms, summer cottages and hotel overnight stays of all categories.
  • Individual all-inclusive arrangements (for groups or single travellers) for a stay of several days in the region, for example with guided tours, traditional meals by the open fire, folklore presentations, visit of cheese production places, church visits etc.; a complete offer with overnight stays, full pension and transports.
  • Trips in horse-drown carts.
  • Tour guides